Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our blog has been on hiatus for a while, which means mission life has been busy! Here are a few photos and highlights from the last few months.......

This is a photo of our good friends, Joanne & Arthur Nintzel, during their first visit to the sacred sites at Palmyra, which included the Hill Cummorah Visitors Center, the Sacred Grove, and the E.B. Grandin printing press.  Joanne had been an inactive member for many years, and her good husband, Arthur, an MIT graduate and retired civil engineer, told us he did not believe in God when we first started visiting them back in Dec., 2013.

As we became good friends with Joanne & Arthur, learning about their lives and concerns, we invited them to a Valentine's social we were hosting at the church.  They called us to say they were coming!  We soon invited Arthur to receive the missionary discussions - which led to their coming out to church regularly, and...

ARTHUR'S BAPTISM DAY - June 14th, 2014!!


Ella and Sierra, from our Lancaster ward Primary, singing  for Arthur's baptism!      


Sunday, June 15th - Arthur's confirmation at church, & our new investigator, Roman Belotsky

The tall man second in from the right, is Roman Belotesky, who immigrated 10 yrs ago from the Soviet Union.  I met him on the plane in Chicago, when I flew back from Arizona to be with Kevin, who is fighting a tough battle with cancer.  Roman saw my missionary tag, and had a lot of questions, wanting to know more about the Church....We talked for 2 hours, as he was meeting his daughter in Buffalo NY for a tourist trip. Roman stayed with us for 2 days, and came to church for the very first time!!  Before he left to meet his daughter, Roman had all the information he needed to follow up with the Church when he returns home to Burbank, CA, including the name & phone number of the bishop of Burbank 2nd ward!!  (Photo also includes our special ward missionaries, Elder Stoddard and Elder Howard, who also assisted us in teaching)

The happy new couple of our Lancaster ward - the Nintzel's !

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  1. Sorry to hear about your son, Kevin. Hope and pray that things are going to get better for him. Jake and his family are going to be coming to Palmyra next week. Maybe you will see them.
    Keep up the wonderful work!!!